An anti-war larp about the horrors of war, pressure and no privacy with a claustrophobic atmosphere, using the original set piece of an award winning movie in Munich, Germany
English Concept Document
German Concept Document - Das Konzeptdokument in der deutschen Fassung.
Tickets are available from June 23, 2024, 8:00 p.m. (CEST).
Run 1 (German) 09.-11. Jan. 2025 (sold out so far...)
Run 2 (English) 16.-18. Jan. 2025 (sold out so far...)
Run 3 (German) 23.-25. Jan. 2025 (sold out so far...)

Run 4 (English) 30. Jan - 01. Feb. 2025


U-505, a German submarine, experienced a string of misfortunes during its time in the Kriegsmarine. It gained notoriety as the most severely damaged submarine to make it back to port during World War II on its fourth patrol. Additionally, it was the only submarine whose commanding officer took his own life during combat conditions on its tenth patrol, after failing six missions in a row.
However, on June 4th, 1944, in a dramatic turn of events, U-505 was seized by the United States Navy during its twelfth patrol. In a covert operation, the submarine was secretly towed to Bermuda, while its crew members were interned in a US prisoner of war camp. They were denied visits from the International Red Cross, as this capture was deemed highly classified by Navy Command. For they had a daring plan…

Topics & Themes

  • Themes to expect: War & Personal Drama

  • Themes not to expect: Physical Fighting
    The set is rather narrow and made of metal.

  • Themes not to expect: Exact Military Simulation

  • Themes not to expect: Sexism
    Anybody can play any character regardless of gender.
    We believe larp to be inherently co-creative. We hope to give you all the information to understand beforehand what will be happening during this journey and what makes this event so exciting and entertaining for every participant. We believe design transparency is key to this. We may set the stage, but in the end it’s up to all of us to make this happen. Together we can create an amazing experience for everyone. Many games with scripted roles expect you to keep your role’s secrets. We leave this decision up to every individual participant. You can hide or share as much of your role descriptions as you like – assuming other participants want to know anything at all. You should accept other participants desire for secrecy as well. 


Feindfahrt sends its participants on a secret mission as an Allied crew in a captured German submarine. The aim is to penetrate deep into enemy waters, carry out an important task and then return unharmed. Danger looms not only from the German navy, but also from their own ships - after all, they are piloting an enemy submarine. And last but not least, they are faced with the unnerving question whether the flag change is enough to break the submarine's incredible spell of bad luck?

This larp is a thriller in a wartime setting on (or rather under) the sea. A game clearly inspired by the great submarine films such as Tony Scott's "Crimson Tide" or Wolfgang Petersen's "Das Boot". But it is also about experiencing first hand the oppressive confinement inside a submarine and getting a real feeling for how incomprehensibly cruel and inhuman warfare with such a weapon was. And interpersonal relationships and developments should not be forgotten either. The focus will not be on the military game or the submarine simulation, but on the people who have to fight in this war and who are led ever deeper into the abyss. 

Practical Information

  • Do I need a special Costume?
    Umm... kind of. It is 1944. You are in a cold submarine. There will be water. Dirt. Maybe blood. The good news: Costumes will be provided. If you want you can use your own. Details and a style guide is coming soon.
  • Is lodging included?
    Unfortunately, we cannot sleep in the submarine set. So the game will stop at some time in the night, all players will leave and sleep in a self-booked accommodation, and return for time-in the next morning. A list of hotels and hostels near the location in Munich will follow.
  • Is food included?
    Yes. But do not expect a three star meal at all times. You are a submarine crew after all. 
  • Are we in a real submarine?
    No, but in the next best thing. You will play in the original movie set used in the 1981 Wolfgang Petersen movie "Das Boot". 
  • When & where will the larp happen?
    The larp will happen in the movie studios in Munich Germany. The game will be 3 days & will take place in January / February 2025.
    Run 1 (German) 09.-11. Jan.2025 (sold out so far...)
    Run 2 (English) 16.-18. Jan.2025 (sold out so far...)
    Run 3 (German) 23.-25. Jan.2025
    Run 4 (English) 30. Jan - 01. Feb. 2025
    Further runs in January & February 2025 are possible.
  • What will be the Timeline? 
    Day 1 (Thursday) : Start 10:00 - End 24:00 Aprox.  (Mini Workshops - Game Chapters 1 + 2 )
    Day 2 (Friday) : Start 9:00 - End 24:00 Aprox.  (Game Chapters 3 + 4 + 5)
    Day 3 (Saturday): Start 9:00 - End 23:00 Aprox.  Game Chapters ( 6 +7 + 8 )
  • What will be the game language?
    You will play a international crew of lost souls. The game will be played in English-language. A seperate german run is also available.
  • I am very claustrophobic or need a lot of personal space. Can i still join the game?
    This would not be a good idea. The game will be full time in the submarine (except for sleeping at night). Part of the game experience is exactly to experience the closed space of such a submarine. Of course, if needed, a player can leave the submarine at any time, you are not locked in. There are 3 easily accessible exits that can always be reached. But the idea is that everyone stays inside the vessel for the whole time.
  • How many players will be in each run?
  • Do i bring my own character?
    Everybody gets a pre-written character.
  • Is this a re-run of the larp "Schleichfahrt"?
    No. It takes place in the same movie set. But is is a different larp in a different setting and organized by a (mostly) different crew. 
  • How do i get information about the signup process?
    Subscribe to the Newsletter. Tickets will be available from June 23, 2024, 8:00 p.m. (CEST).
  • How much will it cost? 
    The price will be 495 Euro per ticket.

Larp inside a Movie-Set

The "Das Boot" set is 55 metres long and the interior is modeled on a Type 7 C submarine from World War II. It is an all-around (360°) scenery that will allow a deep immersion into the game. As the set continues to be used for filming from time to time, it still has plenty of technical equipment that is also excellent for larp purposes.


Kulissenhelden as seen by Dall-E

About us

Kulissenhelden (German for “set heroes”) offers immersive experiences within captivating old film sets located in the renowned Bavaria Studios in Munich. We have access to iconic sets such as the submarine from the film classic "Das Boot," a space station from a Netflix production, and the mesmerizing circus from an Asterix movie. These sets have been meticulously preserved to retain their original charm and authenticity.

Our mission is to create memorable experiences for film enthusiasts, tourists, and individuals seeking a one-of-a-kind adventure. Step into the shoes of heroes and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of movies, where reality and imagination converge to create an unforgettable experience. 

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